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Updated: May 8, 2020

Meaningful Education

Vocational-Technical Schools should be offered. Not all New Mexicans want to attend a 4-year university or even a community college. Training programs during high school should be made available to those students. I would like to see industry welcomed in New Mexico. The industry that would partner with our School Boards and Vo-Techs so a student would have a job waiting upon graduation. Right here in New Mexico.

I support funding for JrROTC in our high schools. This program produces solid future community leaders. The military service member can take advantage of many tuition assistance programs to attend college.

I would like to see some basics reinstated into our school systems. A modern revamping of Home Economics would be one. The curriculum should include teaching finance rates, how to purchase homes and vehicles, how to budget finances, nutrition classes, and healthy meal preparation. This would be a class needed for graduation. I believe these topics would help with our State’s overwhelming obesity and type 2 diabetes issues and prepare our young adults as they go forth on their own.

2nd Amendment

As a lifetime member of the NRA and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I believe in the right of citizens to lawfully keep and bear arms. I also believe everyone who owns a gun should be a responsible owner.

Red Flag Laws

My position on Red Flag Laws is that they are illegal and need immediate repeal. I’m very concerned about the women in our State. Imagine this scenario: A woman has a hostile ex-husband. She has a gun for the defense of herself and her children against this man. We know restraining orders are hard to get and even harder to enforce. We know most of our cities don’t have enough police officers to always respond quickly. If and when all else fails, she’ll be able to protect herself with a weapon. But now, the ex-husband calls the police and says his ex-wife is distraught, upset, violent, and she has children in the home. Erring on the side of caution, which is a given will happen with Law Enforcement, Social Services, and Judges, the gun is removed from her home. At this point, the ex-husband knows she is now defenseless. And at his mercy. Governor Grisham has said that if these Red Flag laws save at least one live they will be worth it. I’m concerned with how many lives those laws have the potential to take.

Jobs and Industry

We need to adjust corporate tax. New Mexico can’t compete for good jobs and good industries against other states without corporate taxes. While corporations would pay lower corporate taxes, they WOULD create jobs, offer health insurance, and payroll taxes would be paid. I believe now is the time to bring industry from China to New Mexico. My close friend needs syringes to administer medication to herself and is anticipating a lack of syringes in the United States. America should manufacture our own medications and medical supplies, not an adversarial country such as China. New Mexico should be negotiating with these companies. Other states are competing for those jobs and industries right now. New Mexico does not have to be left behind…yet again.


I support Federal Law, and in doing so, I will support Roe vs. Wade. I will NEVER support Governor Grisham’s abortion-at-birth legislation.

Legal Immigration

I Am for Legal immigration!

As a State Senator, I would be only concerned with our border with Mexico, acknowledging illegal immigration happens on our northern border and coasts that I also do not support. Illegal immigrants are most often paid “under the table.” Employers benefit by not having to pay State and Federal payroll taxes on these employees. Employers don’t offer health insurance to illegal immigrants. These medical costs are paid for by tax-paying Americans. But what about illegal immigrants? Because they’re undocumented, no Social Security is being paid into an account for them. What happens in their old age when they have no financial resources? It’s not fair to them. We also have drugs free-flowing through the New Mexico-Mexico border. I support the building of a wall with sensors and cameras to aid the Border Patrol to keep the drug running out of our State. We are losing too many New Mexicans to addiction and death.

The Opioid Crisis

I have plans to teleconference with health care providers about this. I was a combat medic and have a degree in medical management, but this makes for little medical knowledge about addiction. The Army had to deal with this issue with all the injuries sustained during the recent wars. I saw the Army pull away from prescribing pain medications and lean into treatments such as dry needling, chiropractic services, relaxation techniques, and nutrition classes. I would support insurance companies in New Mexico covering these services. I also want to explore half-way houses for recovering addicts. When my wife worked at a mental health facility, on the administrative side of the house, she learned that many patients completed rehabilitation only to go back to the same community and fall back into drug and alcohol abuse.

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