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Hello, I am Leighton Cornish. I am running for State Senator in District 24 because in so many elections New Mexico returns the same politicians to the office and we see the exact same results. And 50 out of 50 is not acceptable. Having been born and raised in Oregon, I am new to the community, but have visited often over the last 20 years, and knew that this is where I wanted to retire. After 22 years of military service, my wife and I have returned to her hometown of Santa Fe, and this is where we will live out our lives. I am in a position where I can be an active member of our State senate.  I will fight to bring back the values that we New Mexicans believe in, Faith, Family, and Freedom. I will fight to reverse the Bridge-Too-Far legislation that occurred during this past legislative session and work for a future we can be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren.



Born and raised in Oregon, Leighton graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Medford, Oregon in 1993. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Oregon National Guard and went on to enlist in 1998  as an active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army.


He trained at Fort Sam Houston and became a Medic. His first deployment was to  Camp Anaconda in Balad, Iraq with the 557th Ground Ambulance Company. During this deployment, he was briefly reassigned to the Navy and provided medical services to the Marines during the Battle of Fallujah. Leighton’s second deployment was to the Kurdish territory of Iraq as a member of a Military Transition Team. Here Leighton worked as an advisor with the Iraqi Army Medical Leadership to assist with rebuilding the Iraqi medical system. It was at this time he earned the Bronze Star Medal. During his time as a medic, Leighton took advantage of the Army’s educational program and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Management.


He then commissioned in 2009 as a 2nd Lieutenant and was assigned to the Artillery. Leighton served as an Artillery officer during his third deployment to Afghanistan. There he served as a Public Information Officer as well as a Fire Direction Officer.

Leighton’s first job in New Mexico was as an analyst during the 2017 New Mexico State Legislature.


Leighton is married to Dierdre, whose hometown is Santa Fe. They have a son, Chad, and daughter-in-law, Kelly who both graduated from NMSU in May. Leighton’s mother-in-law is Carol and father-in-law is the late John Wheeler of Santa Fe.


Leighton is a proud New Mexican who serves on the board of the Santa Fe Crime Stoppers. He is a lifetime member of the NRA and VFW.

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